DIRT NEST (12HP) Module

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DIRT NEST (12HP) Module

The DIRT NEST is a 12hp Distortion Eurorack module that combines the circuitry of the famous Death Metal and Buzz Box pedals by DOD.

The module can be used in any general Eurorack setup but also offers to be played with a guitar using a stereo 1/8 to TRS cable (see videos on the official PARABOX YouTube page)

If you're into heavy sound this module is for you. The possibilities are endless.. It can be used as a preamp due to it's gain but also with a VCA source incoming for all your favorite crazy beat texturing.

Every PARABOX module comes with a power cable, screws, a 6hp + 12hp blank panel, and is shipped safe in a anti-static bag.

Power consumption of ~ 33mA

*** Note the holes under the jacks plate sometimes show a bit, it's a a problem I will try to fix on the futur.